WIZARDS® Mystic Clay™ 10023 Detailing Clay, 60 g Clay Bar



Product Description

MYSTIC CLAY (detailing clay) is a non-abrasive, pliable, plastic resin bar that can be used to eliminate paint surface contaminants not removed by normal washing, polishing or waxing. These visible and invisible particles, usually a result of brake dust, industrial fallout or pollutants, attach and can cause paint to become dull and rough to the touch. Exclusive U.S. formula provides the right texture, flexibility and cleaning allowing the user to restore almost any surface to a like new feel without scratching (if used properly as directed). MYSTIC CLAY is a fast and easy way to make your paint smooth by removing all surface contaminants without buffing compounds or harsh chemicals. Polishing and waxing becomes an easier task with much brighter results, including gloss, extended durability and environmental resistance. MYSTIC CLAY is great for use on fresh overspray. It can be reshaped, formed and molded to many new shapes giving it much more area to grab particles and not load up.


  • Makes paint very smooth
  • Removes all surface contaminants – brake dust, paint overspray, tree sap (not removed by washing or polishing)
  • Safe on all paint/clears, metals, fiberglass and glass
  • Made in the USA – superior quality
  • Will not harden over time
  • Will not damage the finish
  • Use with Mist-N-Shine® products 01214, 22214 or 22208 to lubricate clay for best results

Additional information

Weight 10.00 oz