WIZARDS® 11031 Scratch Remover, 8 oz



WIZARDS SCRATCH REMOVER is a safe alternative to using harsh (traditional) rubbing compounds to remove minor scratches, swirls, water spots and hazing caused by washing, mishaps, sun fading or neglect. This gentle but effective polishing agent will safely restore faded paint, clears and almost plastics and will refresh ceramic coating that can also become scratched and water spotted with age. Fast result can be achieved for the professional and do-it-yourself enthusiasts for auto, motorcycle, marine or any vehicle hard surface needing to be restored.


  • Gently removes minor scratches, swirls, water spots and restores shine
  • Safe for all types of paint, clear coats, ceramic coatings, fiberglass and most plastics
  • Removes oxidation to restore headlight clarity on moderately faded headlight lenses
  • Excellent pre-wax cleaner creating a smooth flat surface
  • Safely restores all paint color
  • Not a cover up that washes off

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Weight 12.00 oz