WIZARDS® Mystic Nano Wax™ 11039 Super Slick Nano Wax, 8 oz Squeeze Bottle, Off-White



Super Slick Nano Wax Technology

Part No. 11039, 8 oz,

  • Exclusive formula incorporates synthetic Nano Wax polymers.
  • Extreme gloss, slickness and protection benefits.
  • Safe results on ALL paint/clear types, new or aged.
  • Use as a stand alone wax, show glaze, or finishing/waxing step.
  • Micro Polishes on soft paints.
  • Use with “The Wizard 21” Big Throw Orbital Polisher or any dual action/orbital polisher or by hand application.
  • Micro-fine polishing/2nd step to the WIZARDS “Scratch & Swirl Removal” System (SSR) using the Wizards 21 Big Throw Polisher.

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Weight 12.00 oz