WIZARDS® MYSTIC CUT™ 11038 Smart Abrasive Buffing Compound, 8 oz, Off-White, Liquid



WIZARDS MYSTIC CUT is a fast cutting compound fomulated with exclusive smart abrasive technology for the new scratch resistant and hard to buff medium and high solid clears. Recommended for 1200/1500/2000 grit sand scratch removal, without heavy swirling, powdering or dusting. Outstanding results are realized on all paint/clear types, fresh or aged. Progressive cutting can be achieved on all hard to buff clears without scratching, swirling or leaving holograms. MYSTIC CUT will cut through 1200 and finer grit sand scratches on all types of paint finishes; scratch resistant, med/high solid clears, factory, custom foreign or domestic. With Super Nano abrasives, MYSTIC CUT Compound will not throw abrasive splatter that can cause surface scratching on adjacent panels. MYSTIC CUT” can also be used successfully for most basic buffing jobs, such as quickly removing car wash scratches and deep swirls found on neglected vehicles. Cutting speed, aggressiveness and final gloss can be adjusted by proper pad choice coupled with buffer speed and operator technique.Specifications


  • Exclusive smart abrasive technology incorporates latest Nano abrasives
  • Progressive cutting action with no gritty mess
  • Levels and removes sand scratches
  • Excellent all around compound for removing severe swirls, defects, fading and water spotting
  • No wax, silicone or crystalline silica
  • Water based for easy clean-up
  • Use with the WIZARDS® buffing pad system
  • Marine use – exterior defect removal on gelcoat, paint, fiberglass, metallic flake, use on average or neglected surfaces
  • Exclusive “Nano-Sphere Technology”, Levels 1200 and 2000 grit sand scratches, water based for easy clean up

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Weight 12.00 oz