Essential Steps for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Paint Job: Before and After Paint Application

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Essential Steps for Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Paint Job:

Before and After Paint Application

Administering the proper care for your vehicle is essential to maintaining its value. Prolonging your “new” professional look can be maintained with our products. The proper care before applying our automotive touch-up paint is crucial to the result of your project being the best it can be. The same goes for caring for your vehicle after the project is complete. The Auto Paint Depot has you covered for all of your automotive paint and supplies needs!


Before Paint Application

  • Obtain Your Vehicle’s Color Code– Ensuring your purchase of the correct color for your vehicle can be achieved by locating the color code inside the driver’s door jam. If you are having any issues determining what your color code is, feel free to use our website’s color code search engine. You can contact us by phone at (631) 392-1080 with further questions. The correct color for your vehicle’s make, model, and year will ensure that the end result will look good as new. Be sure to test your color before application.


  • Assess the Scale of Damage- We offer various sizes to address all levels of damage to your vehicle. Our half ounce and one ounce touch-up bottles are ideal for repairing minor damage such as scratches, and chips. The 13.5-ounce aerosol cans are well suited to repair larger areas like bumpers, panels, and general spot repairs. Lastly, our pint, quart, and gallon options are well-equipped for full panels to entire resprays. Find the right size for your project today!


  • Weather Considerations- Make sure there is no rain in the forecast for the day you wish to start your project. Preferably, temperatures that range from 55 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit achieve the best results. A day with little to no wind will allow the paint to dry accordingly. An environment with too much wind will make the paint dry too quickly. If you are painting in a garage, make certain proper ventilation is available.


  • Clean Thoroughly- Clean your vehicle before application of our products. It is important to remove all forms of debris off your vehicle’s exterior to prevent you from applying paint over debris. Painting over debris leads to an uneven finish. A clean vehicle creates the perfect canvas for great paint protection. Check out our automotive supplies on the website for all of your vehicle cleaning needs.


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After Paint Application

  • Avoid Cleaning Until a Week Passes- Although it may be difficult to refrain from cleaning your vehicle after your project is complete, cleaning prematurely can remove your hard work. Therefore, it is imperative that you wait a week before cleaning your vehicle. This will grant your vehicle the proper time to set its paint protection and coating.


  • Avoid Use of Harsh Chemicals- Harsh chemicals can damage or even remove the paint that was applied to your vehicle. Thus, avoiding the use of heavy cleaning detergents will help to keep your vehicle looking its absolute best. Our detailing and polishing section of the website provides you with all the best and safest products to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.


  • Limit Exposure to Sun- The sun’s harmful UV rays can damage your vehicle over its lifespan. A vehicle’s clear coat will begin to oxidize over time of sun exposure. This leads to a dull or faded look. Limit your vehicle’s exposure to the sun after your project is complete. If this is not possible in your situation, consider purchasing a car cover to protect your vehicle’s new paint job.


  • Use the Correct Cleaning Supplies- The use of correct cleaning supplies will help to prolong the “new” look of your project for years to come. Thankfully we have you covered in that department here at the Auto Paint Depot for all your automotive cleaning supplies needs as well! We offer car wash soaps, wax, sealants, detailers, buffing compounds, and micro-fiber cloths ready for purchase. The use of these high-quality cleaning supplies will keep your project looking good as new year after year.


Overall, taking the necessary steps before and after using our automotive paint products helps to guarantee the retention of your project. We assure you that following these steps will benefit the overall impact of your project and increase the longevity of its effectiveness. Our premium automotive supplies will address that. Take advantage of the car wash, wax, and detail products we offer at the Auto Paint Depot today. Good luck with your project!


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