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The Auto Paint Depot Inc. Started by 2 guys with a passion for their own cars always wanting to look new, over the years we realized that taking your car to a body shop every time you need repair work for a small touch up can be costly. Over the years we discovered how difficult it was to find a high quality paint products at an affordable price in order to keep our rides in showroom condition. We also discovered and how easy it is to repair your own car to make it look new again. So we developed our own high quality, professional grade, affordable, automotive paint that anyone can use. Along with the latest scanning, mixing equipment and color matching technology, we can match your paint to EXACT manufacturer specifications, and have it shipped directly to your door step! We can provide you with any size EXACT paint match from touch up to gallon sizes, we are here to help.  We have developed and perfected our own high quality paint line with exact matching capabilities in order to deliver a full range of affordable paint options and colors that perform with excellent coverage and durability. Our products are made for the Car Enthusiasts, Collision Repair Shops, DIY’rs, Custom Car Builders, Fleet Operators and Hobbyists. We use the latest digital technology and equipment to mix to match your paint to the EXACT manufacturer paint specifications and formulas. The Auto Paint Depot Inc. is your one stop shop for affordable,  high quality, long lasting automobile paint and refinishing products. Shop Now

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