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The Auto Paint Depot Premium Touch Up Kit


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The Auto Paint Depot Premium Touch Up Kit

All the tools you need for the perfect finish to your touch up.

Kit Includes one of each:

  • 1oz bottle of professional Wax and Grease Remover prep spray. Cleans the surface of any residues, wax and grease prior to applying your Auto Paint Depot touch up paint.
  • Dust free Microfiber Cloth. Perfect for prewash and wipe. Also aids in polishing
  • 6 pack of Micro Brushes. Smaller than our bottle brush for particularly small chips and scratches
  • 2oz packet of Presta Ultra Cutting Crème. Water-based compound that removes P1500 grit and finer sand scratches and lighter damage and swirls. Gives the final shine on your new touch up.
  • Applicator Pad. 2-sided foam pad to apply compound. Durable, light won’t hurt painted surfaces.
  • 3M Small Area Sand Kit. Professional grade sanding kit designed to remove minor scratches and paint runs in clear coat. Includes mini sanding block and 18 self-adhesive wet dry sanding discs.