TAPD 2K HIGH GLOSS Professional Clear Coat Pint Kit w/Medium Activator (4:1)




TAPD 2K High Gloss Clear Coat:

It stands out for its high-quality finish and for its
extreme resistance and durability. Its high solid content allows it to offer finishes of great depth and gloss. It’s a perfect clear
coat for large repairs, panel repairs as well as spot repairs.
• High solid content, allows it to offer great depth and gloss.
• Easy to apply, suitable for different kind of application environment.
• Good weather resistance and yellowing resistance .
• Excellent color and gloss protective power.


Clean the dust and particles with tack cloth.

Apply TAPD 2k High Gloss Clear Coat on the basecoat after the recommended flash off time.


Humidity affects clear coat components so the application equipment should be absolutely dry.
Close the hardener container immediately after use.
Drying times can be prolonged if humidity decreases.
Air-Drying Time: Allow 15-20 minutes air drying time before force drying.


Store the product in a ventilated place far from direct exposure to sunlight. Keep between 5°C-35°C.
In unopened original packaging, 2 years from manufacturing date.

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Weight 30.00 oz